Wish I could relive those times Bring back the spice of life In my pursuit and the strife Guess I paid a heavy price. Falling to the ground was still quite good, Cause there were people who understood. The path I'm on now ,is made of wood Which burns in fire like it should. It … Continue reading #Major



Where am I? In the ocean of knowledge  That's in your mind... Found myself in the middle of no where  Facing the wild waters Managing to survive. I swim, I drown , I come up And this goes on... But you, Never pass by. I only pray to God  That I find a place  To … Continue reading Lost

Avatar : The Last Airbender – Comments & Discussion

Rarely do you come across an animated TV series that is so engaging and so full of depth in it's overall development. Specially considering that it is a children's cartoon, I wasn't expecting the producers to put in so much detail into the series.  The artwork is polished, the animations are beautiful, the storylines. are … Continue reading Avatar : The Last Airbender – Comments & Discussion


This post is dedicated to Pandora- The mythical figure who was punished and blamed for getting the curiosity better of herself after opening a jar containing demons and unleashing them on earth. The box was a gift from Zeus the king of Gods who had forbidden her to open it.