Where am I? In the ocean of knowledge  That's in your mind... Found myself in the middle of no where  Facing the wild waters Managing to survive. I swim, I drown , I come up And this goes on... But you, Never pass by. I only pray to God  That I find a place  To … Continue reading Lost

Avatar : The Last Airbender – Comments & Discussion

Rarely do you come across an animated TV series that is so engaging and so full of depth in it's overall development. Specially considering that it is a children's cartoon, I wasn't expecting the producers to put in so much detail into the series.  The artwork is polished, the animations are beautiful, the storylines. are … Continue reading Avatar : The Last Airbender – Comments & Discussion


This post is dedicated to Pandora- The mythical figure who was punished and blamed for getting the curiosity better of herself after opening a jar containing demons and unleashing them on earth. The box was a gift from Zeus the king of Gods who had forbidden her to open it.