The Red Roses

Somewhere between stocking up for the scheduled zombie apocalypse and waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter I stumbled across something from the past. My 2016 calendar! Oh that beautiful thing was full of sketch pen marks and highlighters where I had marked my exam dates, my friends’ birthdays, appointments that I didn’t keep, and awesome graffiti masterpieces.

In comparison to that, my new 2017 calendar… oh who am I kidding, I still haven’t bought it, but in my defence it’s still the 1st week of January. Usually during the month of January the only article in the newspapers I’m interested in is the list of holidays. That hideously printed calendar contains promises of extended weekends, and glorious holidays on Mondays.

My point is, in our rush to go ahead and leave the past behind, we often ignore the good along with the bad. Yes, we all want to pretend that a few events… no, most events in 2016 never happened. But hey, never forget your initial assets and prospects, don’t forget the very foundation of you in your haste to rise up and move ahead because often, the beginning is all that remains at the end.

Beginning of the end

Started out fairly well.

The sky was blue

And the roses were red.

Then they plucked the sun

Replaced it with the moon;

What they didn’t know though

That the blue would fade

And all the light shall then escape.

The mourners came

And lit their candles

Cried drops of pearls

Which joined the dew

And when they left

The moon retired

Within the clouds.

The flames gave way

Leaving the sky dark and gray,

But the roses remained

A luscious red.



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