The need for struggle

Life’s a struggle, they say. And, at times, the truth of this statement is more than convincingly verified. Especially when life kicks you down.

Naturally, disillusionment follows quite often. While condemning this is even worse, what does help is finding a reason to get back up again. And when you’re back on your feet, ready for another bout of life, it’s a bit tough at the start. Don’t give up just yet… The road gets easier as you keep going on. Because, you see, no road is completely uphill. Every road has steep bits, but what is hidden from plain sight are the oh-so-many smooth and relaxing paths.

Once you pick up enough momentum to cross the hurdle in front of you, even Newton will bet his life that the path does get easier there on. Not necessarily for long. But then, why do we need to rest for longer than is essential.

Sleep of 6-8 hours is essential per day for healthy functioning of our body. However, a sleep of more than that essentially ruins our health. Lesser than that ruins health too. Same is the case with life… Struggle too much, and you end up burning yourself out, which might again lead to disillusionment. Struggle too less, and nothing will you ever get.

Struggle just as much as you need. Set as realistic goals as can be. And life will be happy. Sure, there will be ups and downs.

Well, even a rollercoaster has those. But would it be fun to ride a rollercoaster without the rise and fall?

Or would life have any point to it if it was constant? Might as well die in peace if constancy is what you want.

Stability, yes. Constancy, never.

That’s what life demands. That’s what life needs. But then, it does reward handsomely. As much as people hate DJT, one point that stays is that he did struggle. And struggled hard. Look at yhe rewards. POTUS! The most powerful man on the earth, in a way.

The price is steep, but so are the rewards. Whenever in doubt, just remember –

“Ex nihilo nihil fit”

Here’s to livin’ the life we dream,


Aakash Kapoor 


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