Human Stardust

Burning away into the dark sky, stars shine bright, spreading warmth, life, glory as long as they undergo fusion. Even after that (ex. Supernovae). Something that seems so majestic can obviously not be alike us puny humans.

Point of fact, leave apart the difference of the time scales and stars are very much alike some of us.

Now, this might get a bit scientific and boring. I assure you, however, that it will make sense to you this way. No other way seems to be scientifically accurate enough to fit into the fascination and imagination of literature.
Let’s have a look at stardust. Broadly speaking, it evolves into two types of stuff : Stars and Planet-like species. Stars burn bright in the deep and dark space, warming it’s cold reaches, and even providing life. Planets, on the other hand, stay as desolate as the space near them or stay warm around a star.

However, just a look at us humans is enough to tell us that we too are like this. So many of us have strength enough to face the cold and harsh environment we are pitted against and yet shine bright, at the risk of getting burnt out. However, such humans don’t fear this burnout.

In this process though, these stars warm up countless planets. Just like the second type of humans, depending on others, directly or indirectly. And then, there are those planets which are isolated. Cold, lifeless. Just as a dead human.

In the end, there’s a choice we have – Burn bright like a star and die, leaving your stardust (your legacy) behind or die as your star dies leaving behind nothing. In the long run, neither of the two things matter. Death is the inevitable truth. It’s just personal choice as to what we need to be or achieve.


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