The Tale of Jim and Jane

It was a game

Innocent fun.

No fame no shame

A friendly run.

Yet soon it grew

Became much more

And before they knew

They both were sore.

And so they fell

Fell for the other

Who could tell

A point for another.

Jane she was

And Jim his name

And so the tale was

Much more than a game.

A forbidden fruit

A snake in town

To play the lute

To bring them down.

And so they danced

Jim and Jane

Upon they chanced

On no gain.

The snake was called

This thing called Love.

The fruit unplucked

Untouched above.

Love coiled around

And took root deep

Venomous abound

It took away their sleep.


When autumn rolled by

Jim bought a ring

Jane smiled and cried

No longer a fling.

And so they promised

A dozen things

Roses and hearts; blissed

On silver wings.

But true to its nature

A snake is a snake

Love was a danger

A deep drowned lake.

And as they fell

Their hearts did too

For Love’s spell

Was done, none knew.

Green jealousy first

Suspicion and rage

Lusty thirst,

Burned in it’s cage.

Jim saw other eyes

Follow Jane’s stride

He tried to be nice

But gave in to his Pride.

And so they drifted

Drifted closely apart

Drowning as they shifted

Away from their part.

Back and forth, forth and back

All night their hearts bled

Before dawn could crack

They left the town, unwed.

At the end of their tale

The ink ran dry

Hammer in the nail

Their coffins far by.

Now the sun shines

Leaves grow and die

Love rendered them blind

Their innocence was once shy.

Here ends the song

Of pretty Jane and Jim

Foolish hearts went wrong

Acting on Love’s whim.

Time healed the pain

But Time will always sing

When Jim met Jane

And bought her a ring.


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