Quest for the Edge

I could begin my tale

Like a fairytale

I could start with a smile

Saying ‘once upon a time’

But then my dear

The ending you can’t bear

For this tale shall never

End with a ‘happily ever’.

Bear this in mind

If you’d be so kind

For there’s still some glory

In the following story.

Sir Bishop McCartney

Travelled miles to see

The world’s edge

Hidden beyond some hedge.

He rode farther than far

Had a whiskey at every bar

His hair went grey

Yet he rode without delay.

Months rolled into years

Age dimmed his ears

And still he could not

Find that very spot

The spot where no land

Ever dared to expand.

He crossed the seas

Felt every breeze

But failed to find

Where the end lined.

At last he stopped

His aged form dropped

And drawing his last breath

Fell into the arms of Death.

Death chuckled with a sigh

Poor soul wandered low and high

To seek what in the end

Would greet him like a friend

And  Sir Bishop never knew

No matter how high the birds flew

That the edge of the world

Will always unfurl

To every soul today

That ‘neath the ground lay.


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