Little Lessons of Life

Over the course of my life on this spinning geoid, I cannot say that I’ve had a lot of meaningful and life changing experiences, for I’ve only done 17 years of my time. However, the few yet powerful incidents have shaped me, and made me what I am. I have learnt lessons and gathered memories.
Let me acquaint you with one of the earliest lessons I learnt at the age of 3, which was: Grown ups aren’t super powerful beings; the children cannot always be heavily reliant on them because some things are even beyond their power. I was fascinated with balloons. Different shapes and bright colours. Oh I loved birthday parties, not because of the cake or candles, but because of the balloons(presents too, but more on that later). So at the age of 3, I was preparing a birthday party for my baby cousin who was going to turn 1. We got streamers and lanterns and a big rainbow cake but the item I was really excited about was a packet of balloons ready to be blown! I volunteered to be in charge of the balloons. As enchanted I was with balloons, I couldn’t blow up one… I just couldn’t. I’d huff and puff but it never happened. But that day, I blew up my very first balloon! My mother applauded me and cheered at my success albeit more than it merited. But alas! My grip loosened on the balloon and it flew…far far away… my mom and I helplessly watched it sail and disappear into the horizon. I realized that neither of us could do anything about it. My all powerful mother couldn’t influence the winds to bring back my shiny red balloon.

The nest lessons I learnt was: The size of a present doesn’t matter, the heart of the one who presents it matters. For my 8th birthday party, I invited my entire class to my house. Finally all my friends were gone, I went to my favourite part of the day which was unwrapping presents. I got Barbies and teddies and cars ! Huge box after box revealed further delights. Suddenly the doorbell rang and Tina a girl from my class entered. “Happy Birthday.”, she whispered and pressed a tiny package into my hands and ran away. On opening it I saw a tiny pink hairclip similar to a pair that Tina always wore at school. Sweet, shy Tina had gifted me something that she had been very attached to for a long long time. I felt proud when I walked at school and we sat together wearing matching hairclips and happiness and understanding in our hearts. I wasn’t even very sad when all the other children, who had laughed with me the day before didn’t even look at me that day.
The last lesson was learnt more recently. Sometimes, faith and motivation are all you need to win. A person who gives up hope of winning has already lost. During the summer break I competed at a swimming tournament at the local club. I arrived late… really late. I just had enough time to change into my swimsuit and jump. I have always been a great swimmer in my age group. I was hopeless against the older age groups but among 15-20 year olds I was one of the best. I did my best and I came second. What I didn’t know was that I had actually competed against 20-25 year olds. My peers hadn’t competed yet. If I had known that there were older swimmers in the water I would have probably lost the round. However, after they found out about this error they made me compete against my own age group. But they had already given up all hopes of beating me now that I had secured a respectable position in the older category. Therefore i finished 1st in that round even though some girls in my group could have given me a tough fight.

These happen to be the most important lessons I’ve learnt and I intend to pass them on to as many people. I’m sure life has many more lesson to teach me and there are many quests I need to undertake but the values I have learn are essential tools that guide me through this beautiful, complicated journey.


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