Happiness in this world is a fantasy

It comes then leaves 

Without any sign.

Making us wonder 

Did it ever reside.
I feel alone in the crowd 

I feel deaf

When there’s sound

Blind in the world 

Not able to move

Even when im fine
I say that im fine even 

When I’m not

Because letting my pain out 

Will only make my tears flow

There will again be no one 

There will again be saddness
I do wonder at times 

Is it all fine in my life

Do i feel good 

Do i feel nice

Well the answer is

‘No’ from my side

I’m weak inside.
You choose your friends 

And when they lie

Its like you’ve fallen 

From the sky
A similar feeling comes clean

When you don’t get 

What you dream.

If you want to save lives

Don’t kill the souls inside.



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