To our best Authors : Yogya and Minza

Here’s to wishing these two a lifetime of happiness and success in all their endeavours.

Yogya, last time when I contacted her, was still in the mood to go to US. May she succeed in getting her scholarship and create a wonderful career for herself. Busy for quite a time, she is not writing on the blog for a few days… Yet her beautiful creations have definitely made us think, and have made us revel in their intricacy and beauty. Cheers to her.

Minza, preparing for the gruelling JEE Advanced (the toughest exam at the high school level), is another talented young artist. Her creations, though much more bent towards love and heartbreaks, are quite interesting and lovable. May she soar and fly high in her life.

I, on the other hand, have loads to learn from these two talented writers and hope, that some of their skills get rubbed off on me. Anyways, hoping for a great year for these two and to all of our readers. Here’s to all of you !



3 thoughts on “To our best Authors : Yogya and Minza

  1. Artist_

    Thank you sooo much….But let me correct you ….. I don’t know about others but I have loads of things to learn from YOU( the storehouse of knowledge).


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