Life- A tragedy 

How sweet of you,

You came to see,

Whether I’m alive

Or left for thee.

Well I didn’t,

Expect your leave

Although you wished,

For my retreat.

Hard times they were,

You made me believe,

But it was another time,

You were ready to cheat.

Yet I came along

Holding your hand

Ready to leave

For your land.

The fire within,

Me was fanned

Just like you feel

Bare foot on sand.

Nothing like ,

What I had planned.

Your entry in my life,

Forever banned.

I could do nothing,

But as always cry.

Again left alone

With no one nearby.

With only my tears

Which would deny

The love I once had 

In my eyes.

Left with nothing 

But a sigh.

Which eats me up,

Slowly inside.



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