Book of the Week: The Little Prince

A Timeless Classic

This week’s book is The Little Prince, penned down by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. The book follows the queer yet eye-opening journey of the Little Prince who resides on a tiny planet far away from our own. The book is set in the majestic Sahara desert where the narrator is stranded after his plane crashes there. The next morning he is awakened by our protagonist with the strangest sentence ever uttered in the Sahara: “If you please-draw me a sheep!”

Thus begins the tale of the two unlikely friends, miles from any civilisation who are aliens to each other and yet have so much in common. The Little Prince makes observations from the unique perspective of a child, a perspective we lose when we grow up and become immersed in the “matters of consequence”.

The book takes the readers on an amusing journey as the Prince visits planets with a king, a conceited man, a tippler and many more before coming to earth and bonding with a fox who gives him priceless advice about what is really the true and essential thing in life.

This book amuses and draws laughter  and tears alike and is perfect for all age groups. It urges the readers not to forget the child that resides in all of us and is a timeless classic. Get your copy of the Little Prince today and share how much it meant to you.

Get it from:The Little Prince (Wordsworth Children’s Classics)



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