Avatar : The Last Airbender – Comments & Discussion

Rarely do you come across an animated TV series that is so engaging and so full of depth in it’s overall development. Specially considering that it is a children’s cartoon, I wasn’t expecting the producers to put in so much detail into the series. 

The artwork is polished, the animations are beautiful, the storylines. are simple yet addicting. However, this series shines most. strongly in it’s characters and their development. Thanks to it’s collection of 61 episodes, the storyline is able to build on the stories of the individual characters really well. 

Especially Toph Beifong, the girl who was as unconventional and independent as can be. Being a blind girl, she was expected to be meek and that’s how her parents raised her. However, the “Blind Bandit” (the persona she adopted to win earth-bending competitions in her city) was a much much more accurate portrayal of her nature. Even more so, the Ember Island Players captured the essence of her being by portraying her as a macho male. Perhaps this was the reason why Toph loved the play much more than others of the Team Avatar. 

Now, I won’t be analysing each and every character in detail. I mentioned Toph simply because she was the one uber-cool person who stood out the most. But then, so was Sokka. As was Zuko. And I haven’t seen a better villain than Azula. Or a wiser 12 year old than Aang. Or maybe, a more family-head figure than Katara. 
That’s what is so awesome about this series… The individual characters stand out, and yet blend in so well with the storyline that you can’t help but admire at the thought put into this awesome show. No wonder so many of us love it. 

Of course, the concept of bending in itself was a very innovative one. I must admit that the bending animations were the very things that drew me to this series. As I became older, however, I began to appreciate so much more about this series. 

All in all, ATLA is a series you definitely should not miss. You might be a child, you might be an adult : It doesn’t matter. This show has something for everyone and is definitely one of the things I would like everyone to try out before they die. 

With all this said, I would like to invite all our readers to share their views on the series and to discuss their perspectives. Non-readers, welcome to the site. Please subscribe and share. 


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