A Chance Encounter

‘Humour me fer a while

I ‘ave travelled far

I don’t take too much time

My tale ain’t o’ war.’


‘Alright if you say so

Next round’s on me.

Fancy some ale?

Let’s begin, shall we?’


‘Tis not a pleasant tale

O’ a maiden fair well bred

It has been long I must confess

I left a man for dead.

‘Twas an e’en a bit too warm

And tempers flew too high

I took me knife an’ pushed it

Straight into my comrade’s thigh.

The cut was deep—

Too bloody— so I left;

On the run, and none now

Know o’ this theft.

I bet I am the only man

Who has evaded law

Quite ingenious of me

to ‘scape justice’s paw.

An’ ‘ere I roam free

I must say I’m lucky

Not many as fortunate

As my poor soul, you see.’


‘Quite ingenious I agree

And rather lucky indeed

Another shot? To thank

You for your company.’

He took another round and left

And I watched him leave again

The deep scar on my thigh

Could give me no more pain.



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