Coming Soon – An insight to Think…

Been a while since I posted something worthwhile (or even while for that matter) and I got to thinking. What happened to my craze for blogging? What happened to the enthusiasm I felt every time the post editor would be staring at my face? What happened to everything?

Loads more thoughts come to mind and I feel that… Hey, it’s time to reminisce what this entire fun blog stood for… The who’s and what’s and why’s about it – From the wacky site link to the differing poetry styles, from intriguing articles (Yogya and Minza, obviously) to boring posts (Mine, obviously), and so on.

Let’s do this! Let’s think and share. Let’s do this. See you soon here as we unfold the secrets of this blog (To be fair, it feels less like a blog and more like our baby that we love and prize and cherish)


– Aakash


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