Changing hues

Photography trails

Himalayan Hospital Campus, Jolly Grant, Uttarakhand.

The new in life is scary. Not that it might harm, its just that it might change the course of your routine, the way you’ve been living or might as well change you. We don’t fear new, we fear change. Even if things aren’t good right now, we fear change might make it worse. Human psychology; we always fail to explore the other side of the story or the other face of the coin, looking at the dark doesn’t mean brightness is existential. Because Columbus went to search for the new lands, they didn’t come to him. Fear is inevitable, but not impossible to overcome. Similarly change can be disastrous, but we cannot evade the possibility of it being marvellously advantageous. Positive vibes from people I knew recently.


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My Desired Prison.

Midnight Writings

I saw myself in there. Two of me glaring at me. They were buried in the best place they could be. It was your eyes. Your shiny eyes looking at me as if they saw me  for the first time. Not moving an inch beyond I was perhaps lost in one of them, and now I can’t find my way out. They are  like a prison enjoy, your eyelids work as bars. Where though they are closed, I can see the world come at par. It’s a cage I never want to get out of, a sentence I want forever, because your eyes have been my fantasy, since the beginning of eternity.  When tears well up in your eyes, there is a surge in my life, but when it’s me on that side, that’s when they see you crying inside. The moment you close your eyes, to breathe a prayer…

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