Night beckons With open arms Seduces to sleep On a bed warm.   Weary of work? Tired of toil? Darkness embraces all— The sky and the soil.   The stars dare, A lullaby, to sing. As shadows fondle Dreams that ring.   Heartbeats fill in Harmony with each breath. Mingle with silence At the day’s …

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Paint Yourself a Rainbow

Dear reader, Take out your colours. A sheet of paper. Now continue reading… The first thing I remember drawing in my art class in kindergarten was a house between two trees, mountains in the background and a river flowing out of those mountains. A bright smiling sun beamed beside the clouds. And of course, a …

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Off Beat

Solitude I craved, the lost treasure; Yet There were days when it was company I desired. Colours that I lost, colours that faded Colours now forgotten, were once admired.   I could spend countless seconds Singing to the stars, overthink all that matters Or dig into philosophy, ‘Who are we?’. But I hardly preferred the …

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