Life- A tragedy 

How sweet of you, You came to see, Whether I'm alive Or left for thee. Well I didn't, Expect your leave Although you wished, For my retreat. Hard times they were, You made me believe, But it was another time, You were ready to cheat. Yet I came along Holding your hand Ready to leave … Continue reading Life- A tragedy 



Catch the sun Don't let it in Cause if it falls You will burn The heat around Is really hot The clouds vapour out In the sky itself There is no sign of rain No trace of wind Just the dazzling yellow light Ready to cook you up alive Water and lime  Don't help at … Continue reading Heat

A Leaf

We grow up believing that we are unique. What we don't realise it that we are unique - just like everybody else. Does a leaf think he is going to be the first to see the sun? Does it realise that he is no different than the one right next to it?