Last month was bliss The fortnight before this was dark Denial dominated last week Two days ago, I was scared. Yesterday I couldn’t breathe This morning was cloudy But tonight, I am free.


The Perfect Photograph

And so, she walked on Right out into the rain. Her heels in her hands As the clouds went insane.   The smell of the earth— She’s a perfect photograph! The flash of lightning, Along with thunder’s laugh.   Her umbrella dry, Safe in her purse, Beside her keys, and Her colours and her curse. …

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Changing hues

Photography trails

Himalayan Hospital Campus, Jolly Grant, Uttarakhand.

The new in life is scary. Not that it might harm, its just that it might change the course of your routine, the way you’ve been living or might as well change you. We don’t fear new, we fear change. Even if things aren’t good right now, we fear change might make it worse. Human psychology; we always fail to explore the other side of the story or the other face of the coin, looking at the dark doesn’t mean brightness is existential. Because Columbus went to search for the new lands, they didn’t come to him. Fear is inevitable, but not impossible to overcome. Similarly change can be disastrous, but we cannot evade the possibility of it being marvellously advantageous. Positive vibes from people I knew recently.


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