The Race of Reason

Restless, reckless, random, rapid Rundown, rancid, rebellious, reactive Running on the road Racing to redemption Regretting the race This race of reason. Reason? Welcome to the season— Season of pain and pride and treason Back-stabbing stabbing back Throughout the road of black See light at the end But clouds over my head.   Head over …

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My Desired Prison.

Midnight Writings

I saw myself in there. Two of me glaring at me. They were buried in the best place they could be. It was your eyes. Your shiny eyes looking at me as if they saw me  for the first time. Not moving an inch beyond I was perhaps lost in one of them, and now I can’t find my way out. They are  like a prison enjoy, your eyelids work as bars. Where though they are closed, I can see the world come at par. It’s a cage I never want to get out of, a sentence I want forever, because your eyes have been my fantasy, since the beginning of eternity.  When tears well up in your eyes, there is a surge in my life, but when it’s me on that side, that’s when they see you crying inside. The moment you close your eyes, to breathe a prayer…

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Paint Yourself a Rainbow

Dear reader, Take out your colours. A sheet of paper. Now continue reading… The first thing I remember drawing in my art class in kindergarten was a house between two trees, mountains in the background and a river flowing out of those mountains. A bright smiling sun beamed beside the clouds. And of course, a …

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Off Beat

Solitude I craved, the lost treasure; Yet There were days when it was company I desired. Colours that I lost, colours that faded Colours now forgotten, were once admired.   I could spend countless seconds Singing to the stars, overthink all that matters Or dig into philosophy, ‘Who are we?’. But I hardly preferred the …

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