Perilous thoughts – Overthinking.

Midnight Writings

Have you ever wondered how is it to become a victim of your own mind? Probably not, because this seems to be a fruitless investment of time were you can go on thinking deep enough and you don’t even remember were you started and end up with absolutely no clue of the reason. Well the reality is, we all are, victims of our own minds its ‘like drowning where everyone around except you can breathe’ and most of these victims are people of my age, the teenagers and what we like to call this ‘thinking useless stuff syndrome’ is OVERTHINKING. Yes, overthinking; a person doesn’t respond to me and the brain just treats the situation as an opportunity and ends up convincing us that the other person right there, just actually hates me! If you are obsessed with something or possessive about something to such an extent that each time…

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A Chance Encounter

'Humour me fer a while I ‘ave travelled far I don’t take too much time My tale ain’t o’ war.'   'Alright if you say so Next round’s on me. Fancy some ale? Let’s begin, shall we?'   ‘Tis not a pleasant tale O’ a maiden fair well bred It has been long I must …

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The Power Of Secret.

Midnight Writings

You know the most peculiar thing about humans is that if you ask them not to do something, the urge to do that thing increases even more and more, and that itself, is practically the case everywhere. I call it the ‘Reverse psychology’; the most strict of parents have the most rebellious children! Even in the Harry Potter series Ron, Hermione and Harry got into all the trouble (beginning at least) because they went to all the places which were ‘forbidden’, just like the Forbidden Corridor on the third floor of Hogwarts. Well, keeping my fandom aside, all I want to say is that if you tell a person, “hey don’t tell that to anyone” then the chances of that person telling that thing to everyone increases! And that’s where comes my point ‘The power of secret’. Someone said to me the other day;

If I tell someone…

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Paint Yourself a Rainbow

Dear reader, Take out your colours. A sheet of paper. Now continue reading… The first thing I remember drawing in my art class in kindergarten was a house between two trees, mountains in the background and a river flowing out of those mountains. A bright smiling sun beamed beside the clouds. And of course, a …

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Off Beat

Solitude I craved, the lost treasure; Yet There were days when it was company I desired. Colours that I lost, colours that faded Colours now forgotten, were once admired.   I could spend countless seconds Singing to the stars, overthink all that matters Or dig into philosophy, ‘Who are we?’. But I hardly preferred the …

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