Last month was bliss The fortnight before this was dark Denial dominated last week Two days ago, I was scared. Yesterday I couldn’t breathe This morning was cloudy But tonight, I am free.


The Perfect Photograph

And so, she walked on Right out into the rain. Her heels in her hands As the clouds went insane.   The smell of the earth— She’s a perfect photograph! The flash of lightning, Along with thunder’s laugh.   Her umbrella dry, Safe in her purse, Beside her keys, and Her colours and her curse. …

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The Paper Boats

“Across the English Channel!” “Sailing through the Mediterranean!” “A voyage around the world!” “Aye matey, I’m a pirate in search of a great treasure!” The children brought a whole new world to life with just paper and a puddle. They sat in a circle along the perimeter of their great ocean. The pebbles became treasure …

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