Social Butterfly

She flits in and out With automatic ease: Skirts and crop tops, Heavy perfume in the breeze. You’ll never catch her lips Not match exactly with her nails; Her heels click along With admirers following her trail. She’s in the ‘it’ crowd Or rather – She’s ‘it’ herself. Stop and gather – Gossip, tips and …

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A Song of Endgame, Big Bang and Game of Thrones

Speaking as a 20-year-old who’s been obsessed with superheroes and Netflix,b I’ve got to admit that I’ve had way too many heartbreaks this month. I’ve had to say my final goodbyes to Sheldon and the gang when Big Bang Theory came to an end. I bid adieu to the 22 movies franchise with the conclusion …

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Cards on the Table

Conflict of interest, Supposed loyalty, Political correctness... Now look at reality. Beauty, beauty! Purity of the soul; A collage of sins-- Now you are whole 'Let there be light!' Ask Adam and Eve; In apples and snakes Now do you believe?   Cards on the table: Bloodied hands take aim At innocent sorrow, Mingled with …

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