Holding On

It's quite funny As the seconds tick by And stretch into hours Of your perfect silence As I keep waiting For an answer That the entire world knows Shall never come. Funny how people Would rather indulge Into welcome depths of denial Shout into empty rooms And knock on doors That you will never open …

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The Perfect Photograph

And so, she walked on Right out into the rain. Her heels in her hands As the clouds went insane.   The smell of the earth— She’s a perfect photograph! The flash of lightning, Along with thunder’s laugh.   Her umbrella dry, Safe in her purse, Beside her keys, and Her colours and her curse. …

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The Paper Boats

“Across the English Channel!” “Sailing through the Mediterranean!” “A voyage around the world!” “Aye matey, I’m a pirate in search of a great treasure!” The children brought a whole new world to life with just paper and a puddle. They sat in a circle along the perimeter of their great ocean. The pebbles became treasure …

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